Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where Does The Show Heartland Take Place

Back to course

Twelve weeks I've been in there Jacj Cuisi and worked alternately with the two Pumas Sacha and Simba (when people were running, there was also sometimes both in one day). The work was interesting and I liked it all very much, but for my last month I would like to see more of CIWY and from the others and am now where I originally wanted to start: Parque Machia in Villa Tunari.

Here I am working with one of the other wild cats CIWY, the ocelot Millie. Ocelots look as something bigger house cats differ in appearance but by their beautiful spotted fur. My work is in addition to feeding and cleaning of the cage, mainly from an eight-hour walk through the jungle.

Unlike Pumas I'm not alone but for two of the hunt with Millie. The adventure begins with the rise to its cage, which is high up hiding in the jungle. In addition to incredibly steep slopes lurk other hazards like greedy Kapuzineraeffchen in the trees and just waiting, "Catgirls" as the meat for me to steal the cat.

is survived this first part comes first but only the really interesting part: even ocelots have paths in their territory, but they actually allowed to go wherever they want. This means that I about eight hours through the jungle sneaking, robbe, climb, fall, break or run. Even though I try as quickly as possible to be so much Millie Sun can hunt as you like, I have not much success. Lianas and vines tangled in my hair or clothes, ravines and hillsides schliddere I often without proper maintenance down and then there are the many thorny plants, especially trees, here, not only left behind holes but also like allergic reactions.

Nevertheless Millie seems to disturb the rare (and again, when I was very clumsy, there is a Brummelen Reference of it) and our hunting success is not small snakes, bats, rats, mice, lizards, insects and even a possum was already there.

At the end of the day I have countless scratches and bruises, many holes in my clothes, but the good feeling that this wild cat is a very good life is offered.

Sorry that I have written so long, but have the work and the move to the other park pretty taken a long time. In the next time I'm still trying to write something more general about CIWY if I no longer here in Bolivia creating I will catch up but still at home!

also I would like to thank the Zonta Club Bonn / Bonn Rheinaue thanks for the donation and I hope as soon as possible to write more about the work.


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